Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wining and Dining by the Bay

When exploring new places my family and friends have a habit of calling me and asking for suggestions on where to go, what to see, and especially where to eat.  I am no expert, and definitely too skinny to have the appetite of Matt Preston, but I love exploring the restaurant scene and friends seem to think I know a thing or two...

As suggested in the blog title, my name is Cassie, I am from the Mornington Peninsula, a massive foodie, and very excited that I have been invited to combine two of my passions, food and photography, for The Boathouse Restaurant and Crackerjack Cafe.

My friend Kate and I were well overdue for a catch up and although Mother Nature did not provide us with ideal weather, nothing beats wining and dining whilst gazing out over the water.

Foxey's Hangout Pino Gris and Pinot Noir (my personal favourite) paired to compliment our main meals

After a coffee, barely taking a breath in-between exchanging stories and being so excited to see each other, Kate and I finally placed our order and decided on a starter to share, mains and couldn't resist a dessert to share too! 


From the specials board we devoured our plate of beautiful fresh asparagus paired with the creaminess of a poached egg, salty prosciutto and parmesan and a sweet balsamic reduction - my favourite meal of the afternoon. 

Nothing better than a perfectly poached egg with a runny yolk!


Spiced Smoked Duck Breast

A full flavoured warm duck breast on a salad of sweet and refreshing grapes, been shoots, cucumber, rocket and radish garnished with a scattering of wasabi peas and paper thin taro crisps for an added texture.  This dish was paired perfectly with, my favourite, Foxeys Hangout Pinot Noir.

Peasant Vegetable Stack

A complimentary mix of layered fennel, sweet roast capsicum, zucchini and crispy eggplant topped with creamy Persian Fetta and basil oil.  Such a delicious vegetarian dish paired with the light and 'pretty' Foxeys Hangout Pinot Gris.

Kate enjoying the view of the bay


Blood Orange Gelati, Cinnamon Ice-Cream and Wild Berry Yoghurt Ice-Cream in Wafer Cups

We chose three out of the many options from the Gelati Bar and returned to our seats and waited patiently for our sweets.

I didn't think I would like the Blood Orange but it turned out to be my favourite.  A delicious tangy mix of sweet and sour.  The cinnamon was a little too much for me but wild berry yoghurt ice-cream is always a favourite.  

We would have loved to grab these take away and wander along the beach but this will have to wait until next time when the weather is a little more favourable!!

Lavazza Skinny Latte & Mocca

On our way out we couldn't help admiring the delicious looking cakes, which I am looking forward to making my way through next visit, maybe after a pizzetta and local beer on the deck... hopefully the sun will be shining!

Until next time fellow foodies...


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  1. Sensational looking food and what a great venue, might have to get a few friends together and get down over the weekend!